Case Study

Mosaic Health

Executive Summary

As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) based in Rochester NY, Mosaic faced challenges with their Electronic Medical records system, eClinicalWorks. eCW is an EMR or EHR solution, that manages all aspects of patient care. Mosaic’s staff were continuously experiencing outages, unexpected downtime and price increases for hardware. They needed to get back to focusing on patient care and healthcare provider productivity. To remedy their problems, Mosaic looked to OneHealthEQ to provide a solution:

An AWS hosted EMR+EHR platform, to control hardware costs and optimize uptime.


Mosaic Health is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) located in Upstate NY providing primary medical, dental and mental health services to uninsured and underinsured patients. They have six primary locations, a mobile dental program and two administrative centers. Mosaic’s mission is to provide access to compassionate, individualized healthcare and wellness-related education for everyone, regardless of financial, cultural, or social barriers.


The Challenge

Like many clinics and healthcare organizations, Mosaic relies on eClinicalWorks for their EMR/EHR solution. There were many challenges that Mosaic faced with their initial eCW platform:

  • Latency – full or half day outages
  • Over-dependence on physical hardware
  • Too many moving parts/complexity
  • Scale and pricing
  • Ransom-ware and security concerns

The Solution

OneHealthEQ is an industry-leading platform purpose-built in AWS to securely and seamlessly deliver eClinicalWorks at a fraction of the cost it would take to build and manage in-house. Mosaic reached out to OneHealthEQ due to their expertise in creating custom  IT solutions for the healthcare industry and our ability to navigate challenges in the heavily regulated health care market. We proposed a solution custom – built on AWS to maximize uptime and cost effective scalability.

OneHealthEQ, powered by AWS, allows Mosaic to focus on patient well-being. Mosaic’s eCW solution is always “right-sized” avoiding over spending on licensing and hardware purchases.


OneHealthEQ and Mosaic have continued their partnership by engaging in an ongoing managed services relationship. OneHealthEQ provides Mosaic with continuous innovation, automation, and next generation managed IT optimized for today’s technology complexity.

Most importantly, this collaborative relationship with OneHealthEQ allows Mosaic to focus on what they do best – providing equitable patient care for the upstate New York communities.

Moving Forward

With HealthOneEQ, Mosaic was able to: stop supporting and servicing their IT systems in-house, take ownership of their patient population data, and focus on what they do best – providing compassionate patient care.

They also realized additional benefits:

  • Reliability – 3 outages in the last 1.5 years; 1 amazon, 2 carrier, they were down for less than 20 minutes (Previously Mosaic was experiencing monthly outages for 12 hour periods)
  • Much faster with low latency – doctor’s and nurses are more efficient
  • Overall experience – not receiving calls about systems down, no rebooting, tracking and documenting eCW activity on cloud servers for accountability
  • Cost Savings – No more products to purchase and no more over – licensing fees